Sizing Guide


How to find out my size?
There are several options to know what is your size:
Options 1-

Step 1 – Take a ruler and place a ring that is already sitting on the same finger you want to wear the new ring.

Step 2 – Measure the number of mm that appears between one end of the ring and the other end, the length of the mm you counted is the size of your ring.

Look at the size chart and you will see where the number of measurements you measured in the second step is located.

Option 2-

Step 1 – Cut a thin strip of paper.

Step 2 – Wrap it around your finger, be sure you make it not too tight and not too loose.

Step 3 – Mark where the paper meets.

Step 4 – Measure the distance with a ruler.

Option 3-

You can use the “ring sizer” app for another look.

Customers who have devices that support the Android system- press here.

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Size table:


How To Measure a bracelet

Option 1

1. Find a bracelet which fits you correctly and lay it down flat.
2. Measure from the clasp to the end of the bracelet (in cm) and order the size which is closest to your measurement. To ensure it fits comfortably, we suggest adding one cm for comfort. You can add or subtract by one cm whether you prefer a loose or tight fit.

Option 2 – Use a tape measure (Also suitable to bangle bracelet)

  1. Find a flexible, measuring tape with cm on its ruler.
    2. Wrap it around your wrist where you would like your bracelet to sit. Aim for a snug but comfortable fit. Make sure to not let the measuring tape go and make sure you start from the 0 mark on the tape.
    3. Remember the number that meets up with your starting point at 0. Note how many cm it took to wrap the measuring tape around your wrist.
    4. Purchase the size closest to your measurement.


  • Make sure to measure your wrist at room temperature to get a more accurate reading as weather can and directly affect the size of your wrist.
  • If you’re between sizes, we recommend ordering up. It’s always easier to size a bracelet smaller, than larger.