How to pick the perfect diamond for you

First, let’s learn a little bit about the diamond properties and then we’ll know more about what we’re looking for, the diamond consists of four properties called the 4c cut, clarity, color and carat each feature affects the quality of the diamond and of course its price.

Let’s start with cut:

Cutting is the most important ingredient of all diamond properties and I explain why, the diamond comes raw and when it comes to us it is polished by a professional sleuth with years of experience in the field, when it comes to the diamond the most important thing to have a reaction of high reflectors and produce unique colors and a glitz that never ends. When it comes to the diamond cut we’re looking for it to be at the highest level and so we’ll get a beautiful, shiny diamond.


The Clarity of the diamond is also an important ingredient and determines the quality of the diamond itself, there are several levels of Clarity:


SI-slightly included

VS-very slightly included

VVS-very very slightly included


In each diamond, there are Inclusions within it and the higher the level of cleanliness, the less Inclusions in it which affect the beauty of the clarity of the diamond and its price, as it is more frequent to find as clean a diamond as possible.  The most diamonds in the world today are sold as the SI clarity, is a great level of cleanliness if you look for a diamond that doesn’t show any Inclusions for the naked eye and also answers an affordable budget for each pocket when you look for a beautiful diamond at an equal price.  If you want to go up a little bit, you can buy diamonds at the level of VS cleanliness and raise, of course, the price goes up the higher the cleaning level.


The diamonds come in many colors and the most popular diamond colors sold on the market today are the diamonds that are in range of yellowish color tones (K-G). colorless diamonds (F-D) are considered rarer. It is important to say that the color of the diamond is a matter of taste, and anyone can choose the color that is right for him, but some people prefer that the shade be as close to a colorless diamond as possible.  There are also diamonds in different colors (pink, blue, red, and yellow, for example) called fancy color diamonds and their color rating is different from the rankings of colorless diamonds.  In addition, there are brown, gray diamonds, and even completely black diamonds, all colors are unique and selected in people’s taste.


The carat is actually the physical weight of the diamond.  This property is the most popular feature of all 4c characteristics when speaking of the diamond itself, many people love and desire to purchase the diamond in the highest carat because the higher the carat the size of the diamond is the bigger the diamond. The more the diamond carat costs the same, but not always the size determines and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the size of the diamond is determined by the customer’s taste.